WPBF-25 TV News Features the Brumback Clinics’ Partnership with the American Cancer Society


Ingrid Barlett, Patient Navigator with the Brumback Clinics, appeared on the WPBF 25 morning news on Monday, January 25th. She shared how the Brumback Clinics’ partnership with the American Cancer Society enabled a patient of the Brumback Clinics, as well as the patient’s caregiver, to receive lodging at no cost while the patient received treatments for a life-threatening condition at a Tampa hospital.

The American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge and Hotel Partners Program provides assistance to cancer patients and their families traveling away from home for outpatient treatment, making a difficult situation easier and relieving the patient of the financial burden of hotel costs.

According to the American Cancer Society, in 2014 more than 44,000 cancer patients and their caregivers received 268,000 complimentary nights of free lodging in its own 31 Hope Lodges nationwide, saving cancer patients an estimated $36 million in hotel costs. The Hotel Partners Program helps alleviate the demand on the Hope Lodge facilities, which are often filled to capacity.

Watch the interview…


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