Brumback Clinics’ Dr. Kimberly Holding serves as “The Doctor of the Day”

DrKimberlyHoldingKimberly Holding, MD, represented the Health Care District’s C. L. Brumback Primary Care Clinics as “The Doctor of the Day,” serving as a physician during the start of the Legislative Session in Tallahassee in March. Physicians perform an invaluable service by providing health care for members of the legislature and legislative employees.

Dr. Holding was escorted to the House of Representatives Chamber by staff from the Legislative Clinic. Dr. Holding was introduced by the Speaker of the House of Representatives and welcomed by Representative Bobby Powell Jr., (88), Florida House of Representatives sponsor.

The Doctor of the Day was founded in the 1960s by a former Florida House member, Representative Walter Sackett, MD, from Miami. Representatives encouraged the Florida Medical Association to bring a physician to Tallahassee each day of the regular session.

The program, which is administered by the Legislative Clinic, provides a vital professional service to the members of the Florida Legislature and all legislative employees. The physicians of Florida have provided this important voluntary public service each year since the program’s inception.

Photo: From left: Florida Representative Bobby Powell, Jr., Kimberly Holding, MD; Florida Representative Ronald “Doc” Renuart

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