Brumback Clinic in Delray Beach hosts mobile vision clinic

The C. L. Brumback Primary Care Clinics hosted a vision clinic for uninsured children on April 23rd at its Delray Beach location. The mobile clinic was facilitated by “Seeing the World,” a local charitable organization that provides free comprehensive eye examinations and glasses to children in low-income areas with no form of health insurance.

Seeing the World’s state-of-the-art mobile unit provides a full eye examination from local optometrist Adam Cherry, OD, who assesses overall eye health as well as the need for glasses. If the examination determines a need for glasses, children are invited to select frames on board the van. Their free glasses are then delivered about a week later.

The children were referred by staff at the Brumback Clinic in Delray Beach. The Brumback Clinics in West Palm Beach and Lantana hosted clinics earlier this year.


Staff at the C. L. Brumback Primary  Care Clinic in Delray Beach with the volunteer staff of Seeing the World


Fifth grader Mark Stetsenko receives an eye examination from Adam Cherry, OD, on board the mobile unit.


Dr. Cherry performs an exam to assess the overall eye health of Mark Stetsenko.


Mark Stetsenko with his frame selection.  He will receive  his new glasses in about a week.


Dr. Cherry helps a student select new frames.

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