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How To Create A Proxy Account

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Proxy Registration Instructions

Welcome to the all-in-one personal health record and patient portal that lets you access your medical information in a secure online environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone!

Just follow these simple steps to get connected today!

Just follow these simple steps to get connected today!

1) Check your Email. You will receive an email from Click the registration link and follow the onscreen prompts.

2) Log In to Your Portal Account. If you have an existing portal account — login using your standard method. Skip to Register as a Proxy.


Don’t have a Portal Account?

Click Create an Account. Enter YOUR contact information (not your loved one’s) and click “I Accept.”

3) Choose a Login Method. Create a username and password for your portal account by clicking the FMH Secure Login icon.


Use an existing username and password from Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live or CernerHealth by clicking the respective icon. Skip to Get Connected on back if you select this option.

If You Are Creating a FMH Secure Login Account, Follow These Easy Steps:

If you are creating a FMH Secure Login account, follow these easy steps

Provide a unique username and password, along with your email and hit Continue.

Enter your FMH Secure Login username and password.

Print and save the email containing your username. You will need it if you lose your username or password.

Register as a Proxy. Follow the on-screen prompts to enter an Invite Code (provided by our organization). Click “I Accept” and you will be taken to YOUR portal account.

Register as a Proxy

Registration and Connection is Now Complete

At the top of your portal page, you’ll see a drop-down arrow next to Hello, Name. Click the name of the child or dependent adult whose account you wish to access.

Register as a proxy
View The First Time Walk-Through Video

Learn about all the tools your portal has to offer by watching this 3-minute video.

If you wish to view this video later, you can access it by clicking on the My Account drop-down in the right hand corner and selecting Preferences.

First Time Video Walkthrough

Download these instructions in PDF.

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